>>Establishment of MGLA:

"If only we could have such an enjoyable
gymnastics meeting as the World Gymnaestrada
here in Japan
It was with this hope in mind, that general gymnastics leaders who were promoting community fitness activities in Japan, initially established MGLA in 1983.
MGLA's first "Gymnastic Festival OSAKA" was held later in the same year. At the time, this Festival was probably the only such venture in Japan of holding such a large general gymnastics meeting modeled after the World Gymnaestrada.
MGLA was indeed pleased this first Festival was so successful with almost 5,000 people participating. Since then, Gymnastic Festival OSAKA has been held annually.

Mr. J.H.F. Sommer, the founder of the World Gymnaestrada, sent this message to MGLA
in 1983.

It is wonderful that the Gymnaestrada-thought has got a world-wide spread!
I appreciate it very much that the mini Gymnaestrada in Osaka is successful.
Good luck!

>>MGLA Members and Its Events:

Today, MGLA has about 500 members from all over Japan.
In addition to holding Gymnastic Festival OSAKA, MGLA has been offering various courses, seminars or workshops. Through these events, MGLA members have been studying general gymnastics theories, improving their skills as general gymnastics leaders, and exchanging information as well as support among themselves. These events are open to the public, and anyone interested in general gymnastics is welcome to take part.
MGLA also invites excellent instructors from abroad to participate in our various exercise programs.

Michiko Matsumoto, the founder of MGLA, has been an honorary lifetime member of MGLA since she left the Presidency in May, 2008.

>>Gymnastic Festival OSAKA:

One of the most important aims of MGLA is to hold "Gymnastic Festival OSAKA." The main goals of this Festival are to promote health and well-being and to encourage community activities through general gymnastics. This Festival is not a gymnastics competition for elite gymnasts. No one person or group receives a prize or medal. The participants, instead, enjoy fostering friendly relations with each other through their gymnastics performances.
The Festival has been held every October since 1983, and is now supported by many organizations such as Osaka prefecture, Osaka city, Japan Gymnastic Association, Osaka Gymnastic Association, Asahi Newspaper, and other groups.
Our relationships have already been extended overseas, and many foreign guest leaders and gymnasts from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Russia, Israel, Australia and China have enjoyed participating in this Festival.
"Promoting the Development of General Gymnastics for All" is now one of the most important priorities of the Federation International de Gymnastique (FIG). MGLA believes that the main purpose of our Festival is in perfect accord with this feeling, and that we are very much in agreement with this very important developmental promotion.

>>International Exchange:

Not only does MGLA invite excellent gymnastics teams and leaders from all over the world to our Festival, but we also have participated in several gymnastics events in Finland and Sweden, promoting international friendship through general gymnastics.
We have also been participating in the World Gymnaestrada since 1982.

>>Community Activities:

MGLA members aim to promote health and well-being for all people, from children to seniors and the disabled.

>>Participation in Domestic Sports Events:

In 1997, more than 12,000 general gymnasts including foreign guest gymnasts organized by MGLA performed at the opening ceremony of "The 52nd National Sports Festival in Osaka."
In 2000, about 1,000 seniors, also organized by MGLA, participated in the opening ceremony of "The 13th National Health and Welfare Festival for the Elderly in Osaka", which was a great success.
MGLA has been an active participant in many other domestic sports events, and our performances and organizing skills are highly rated.

Information of the Gymnastic Festival 2019 OSAKA